The M Coat
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The M Coat The M Coat The M Coat The M Coat The M Coat The M Coat The M Coat The M Coat The M Coat

Evymama is proud to carry The M Coat for the ninth year in a row! The M stands for Maternity, Mommy, and Myself! Evymama offers free shipping on all Canadian and continental USA M coat orders.

Wear the M coat with the insert in place for pregnancy and babywearing. Without the insert, it's just a fabulous down coat for anytime you want to be warm and stylish.

-The insert is placed wide-end-down to accommodate a pregnant belly. Use the drawstring to adjust.

-Turn the panel upside down and backwards, zip it in, and you have the most perfect babywearing coat around! No need to bundle your baby in a snowsuit, meaning no struggling and crying! And best of all, when you go indoors and baby is asleep, just take off your coat and you know that they won't overheat as in a bunting bag or baby snowsuit, nor will they wake up. In very bad weather, the panel can be zipped all the way up and the cord drawn to protect baby from wind, rain, and snow.

-This coat is wonderfully warm, but not too thick and very lightweight. The M coat is all you'll need many winters to come! Take out the panel, tie on the belt, and it's a great hooded fashion down coat with faux fur trimmed hood.

-Removable hood and removable faux wolf fur trim.

-Large front pockets with flap and snap closure from above, with an opening from the side as well.

-Zippered cuffs for putting on gloves and turning up the sleeve a little.

-Manufacturer lifetime guarantee on all workmanship.

-The M coat is 100% Canadian.

Colours (in order of photos): Navy (front and back), Black, Mulberry Jam, Vanilla Bean, Kitten Grey, Red Delicious, Flint Stone, Hot Chocolate


Sizing (Chest measurements across the fullest part) :
Myself: 32-33", Maternity: 37-38"
Myself: 34-35", Maternity: 39-40"
Myself: 36-37", Maternity: 41-42"
Myself: 38-39", Maternity: 43-44"
Myself: 40-41", Maternity: 45-46"
Myself: 42-43", Maternity: 47-48"


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